World’s largest urban cable car is in… Bolivia

Those who fear heights, abstain.

42_lapaz e illimani

La Paz, Bolivia
Locally known as ‘Mi Teleferico’ (my cable car), this engineering marvel began officially churning its wheels a month ago, transporting passengers from La Paz to the mountain top city of El Alto (the world’s highest metropolis at an elevation of 4,150m). The electricity run transport gives relieved commuters an alternative to the chaotic traffic on the streets. It is officially the longest and highest cable car in the world.

Bolivia is not the only destination in Latin America where travellers can enjoy a ride up in the air, there are plenty of options! And here, we name a few…


Copper Canyon, Mexico
The majestic Copper Canyon allows visitors to immerse into a culture and a land that is still considered rural and mostly untamed. Its cable car is the third longest in the world, and provides a different view to amazing landscapes in this natural phenomenon that at times is even larger and deeper that the Grand Canyon.

Medellin (4)

Medellin, Colombia
Colombia’s second largest city is known for its friendly people and busy nightlife, amongst other things. There is also a serious side to the salsa capital of the world: in 2013 it was hailed as the most innovative city and a preferred corporate destination in South America. Medellin’s Metrocable (gondola lift) is considered the first Cable Propelled Transit system in South America and transports 30.000 people daily from the city to more remote areas. By taking the metrocable, you can also have a great view of the Antioquia countryside, and beyond.


Quito, Ecuador
Getting on board the world’s second highest cable car is an excellent way to overlook the entire city of Quito. Moving high at 4.000 metres, you can spot half a dozen volcanoes and admire the both charmingly colonial and modern contemporary zone of Ecuador’s capital city.

Rio De Janeiro Ariel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Maybe one of the most renowned and photographed cable car rides in the world, it allows visitors up the Sugarloaf Mountain, one of the most iconic views in Latin America!


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